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Despite the enormous potential of modern technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to revolutionize healthcare and improve people's health and well-being, the industry has been slow to adopt and fully leverage these innovations.[1]
Regulations often play a significant role in technology adoption, as healthcare organizations must navigate complex rules and procedures to implement new systems.[2]
Skepticism among healthcare professionals and patients can also be a barrier, as people may be hesitant to embrace new technologies they do not understand and do not have a "human touch".[3]
Lastly, lack of collaboration and transparency within the healthcare community are the heart of the failure for new technologies to gain widespread acceptance and adoption. For example, if healthcare providers are not sharing data and insights about their experiences with new technologies, the community cannot iterate on their results and advancing them further.[4]
We believe that open source and a strong community is exactly what will make the difference. Hippo AI is collaborating with institutes over the world to unify both healthcare practice and research, with the goal of democratizing and maximizing the impact that lies on newest Healthcare AI technology.
We are understanding how professionals publish, process, cleanse and consume AI, with the goal of facilitating and empower them every step of the way.

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Open AI & Data Summit

Hippo AI organized a summit of renowned panelists from Hugging Face, Spain Ministry of Health, Central European University and more regarding the European Data & AI Acts.


We won the german AI startup award!


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Bart de Witte

Founder & CEO

Alex Ramalho

Co-Founder & CTO

Sreekanth Mukku

Co-Founder & COO


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